Justice in Policing Act Markup Hearing of 2020.

Personally, I'm getting tired of TV personalities reporting the news.

Video Length: 9:09:00 (9hrs9mins)


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And what are scientists going to find when we reach the center of the earth.... The lizard people

phys.org/news/2020-06-scientis 😂

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@david you should check out the mighty boosh Ol Greg. I believe coyotes ugly will serve you a sour in a boot.

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@Dyann 😂 Now that question makes more sense lol

@Dyann I read a few similar articles about this. As scientist develop more sensitive instruments we're finding all sorts of fun stuff :)

Finished changing the domain from curlyphries.net to ohmylanta.today

@Dyann I was able to install it unto my server without any hiccups, might as well find a good home for it :)

@Dyann well, I originally thought about this for ohmylanta, I figured I'd test it out on my personal server :)


Should there be a specific topic for the site or various?

I'm going to be making some changes to the domain name structure. Instead of curlyphries.net I've decided to change it to ohmylanta.today

@Dyann I'd prefer a sour if it's coming out of a boot. At least I'd know what to expect 😂

Stargate Atlantis series... complete 😀

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My first toot as dummy!
😜 😂 🌮 🤩

Now attempting to install a new instance on my personal Ubuntu server

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