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switch to activitypub!

twitter = pleroma, mastodon, gnu social
instagram = pixelfed
facebook = friendica
tumblr = writefreely
youtube, twitch = peertube

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Taking a look at Jitsi Meet as an alternative way for video conferencing. I wonder how power hungry this service is when managing it yourself 🤔


Got the idea from browsing through the very impressive Mastodon instance of @koyu


As the story progresses we're finding out that this should've been handled a lot better and no one really needed to die 😕


It's about 1.5 hours into this video that you can see MAGA protestors become rioters within the US Capitol

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US cybersecurity firm FireEye hit by 'state-sponsored' attack

Whoever these people are they are definitely getting governments worried


How a Trump rally turned deadly. The best antithetic display of democracy in the US.

Truly, a very sad day.


Joint Session of Congress for Counting of Electoral College Ballots


(Jan. 6) Pro-Trump protesters surged into the U.S. Capitol amid an extraordinary attempt by a group of House and Senate Republicans to object to the Electoral College results, disrupting a process that historically had been a quadrennial post-election formality.


How US agencies trusted untested software which opened opportunity for current hacker invasion


I was curious about how secure our chats are on our mobiles and I stumbled upon this secure messenger


Their support site

I miss the days when heated debates were about who made the best chicken sandwich... How I miss pre-2020



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